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November 23, 2010
Understanding CRM From A Social Standpoint
By Jacob Morgan
If you put a consultant, an analyst, a vendor, and an end user client together in the same room and ask them to explain or discuss social CRM or social business (or pretty much anything else), you will get very different answers and explanations. Nothing is ever one-sided so why bother trying to look at things from one perspective?

At the Attensity panel I participated in a few weeks ago, one of the attendees asked "what is social CRM?" to which I replied, "it depends on who you ask." That response got a few chuckles from the room but I was actually serious when I said it. There are multiple players in the space that do different things and approach social CRM differently.

If you ask a consultant, you will get a response that resonates (or should resonate) with various clients that may or may not even include the term "social" anything (this can also mean that there isn't really one answer). Chess and Metz have a series of use cases and social customer scenarios that we walk clients through. If the use cases and scenarios resonate with the...

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