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January 31, 2012
5 Trends That Will Change CRM
By Brian Solis
I was recently asked to join a group of experts to contribute thoughts on trends driving the evolution of CRM over the next five years. I must say, that it's a group of individuals whom I not only respect, but also am lucky enough to know in the real world.

- Ray Wang, Principal Analyst & CEO at Constellation Research
- Brent Leary, Owner at CRM Essentials
- Esteban Kolsky, Principal & Founder at ThinkJar LLC
- Denis Pombriant, CEO at Beagle Research Group, LLC
- Paul Greenberg, Owner at The 56 Group, LLC

SoftwareAdvice's Lauren Carlson led the discussion under the banner of CRM's Next 5 in 5. I've included some of the highlights here to give you a glimpse of what each expert is tracking. Of course, take a moment to read the full post for a deeper perspective...

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