Microsoft Dynamics CRM Implementation Gaining In Importance

June 30, 2016

Matt Masotti offers an interesting article on Microsoft Dynamics CRM and how it makes enterprise architecture more important than ever. Masotti is a Senior Consultant, Business Analysis, CRM at Avanade. No longer is, "Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementation just about whether or not the software had the capabilities to support business requirements."
Enterprise architecture is sometimes viewed as an expensive and overly abstract discipline in the context of a Dynamics CRM implementation. I would argue that today, even smaller organizations benefit from an initial assessment of when CRM is and is not going to be the appropriate answer when considering it as part of an overall technology strategy.

Masotti concludes with:
Starting with a completed enterprise architecture assessment and a well-aligned CRM strategy is not new advice, in fact it has always been true and is a regular subject of discussion in the CRM world – especially when you consider that more than half of today's buyers will pay more for a better customer experience. Today, however, when CRM is likely to have the potential for a larger technology footprint in your organization, EA is more relevant than ever.
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