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July 21, 2016

"Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half," said marketing pioneer John Wanamaker in the early 1900's. That is why CRM software was invented and why it is used by every serious marketer. In today's "Big Data" World, enterprises are making not just marketing decisions, but almost ALL decisions based on data analytics.

"Big Data holds the potential to describe target customers with an accuracy and level of detail unfathomable only a decade ago," said Jean Spencer on the SalesForce blog, who is a Product Marketing Manager at Microsoft and was previously the content marketing manager at Kapost. "While old-school marketing efforts were limited to things like tracking returns on direct mail campaigns, or number of subscribers to newsletters, modern marketers can have data on people's exercise habits, digital clicking behavior, time spent on various sites, purchasing history, personal preferences based on social media postings, time awake, time spent in the car, caloric intake, and almost anything else you can imagine."

SalesForce is at the epicenter of data, marketing and sales. They offer this overview of the concept:

Using Data To Make Better Marketing Decisions

A report by the Aberdeen Group says that 44 percent of executives are dissatisfied with the analytic capabilities available to them and that they often make critical decisions based on inaccurate or inadequate data. That was in 2014 and fortunately CRM has improved dramatically since then and executives are now typically integrating CRM solutions into their marketing platforms.

"No longer do we rely on conclusions based on vague and imprecise relationships such as "we advertised last week and sales increased so it must have worked" or the common one that I've heard many times, "the objective was awareness and clearly many people are now aware of us", said Gerald Chait who is Director/CEO of Marketing By Objectives. "In today's world, this just does not cut it anymore."

Chait added in a blog post, "Gone are the days when we would define roughly segmented target audiences and place an ad hoping someone would purchase something. Today's marketing enables us to identify who to work with to make a sale, right down to the individual level. What's more, we can personalize and customize our advertising and messaging to each specific person, no matter how many people there are. We can even customise and personalize website pages depending on who's viewing them."

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