The First Thing That AI Will Take Over is Customer Service

August 11, 2016

LinkedIn Influencers provided some advice on the future impact of artificial intelligence in the workplace. "The first thing that artificial intelligence will take over is the microphone on your laptop or computer," said Reid Hoffman, Executive Chairman and co-Founder of LinkedIn in a new 30 second Influencer video.. "What will happen is, it will start listening to your meetings, when you are talking and other things. It will record you in order to help take notes, suggest action items, and suggest other people to communicate with."

"I wrote about this in a recent article in the MIT Sloan Management Review", said Hoffman. In the article, Using Artificial Intelligence to Humanize Management and Set Information Free he says that "we are on the cusp of a major breakthrough in how organizations collect, analyze, and act on knowledge" and he thinks this will bring important changes to business decisions.

"Artificial Intelligence is about to transform management from an art into a combination of art and science," he says. "Not because we'll be taking commands from science fiction's robot overlords, but because specialized AI will allow us to apply data science to our human interactions at work in a way that earlier theorists like Peter Drucker could only imagine."

"Artificial intelligence, machine learning, chat box, guided conversations are coming at us faster than ever," notes Steve Anderson, President of The Anderson Network and an expert on insurance technology, productivity and innovation. "I think the first functions that will be taken over in an organization is augmenting existing employees and helping them enhance their ability to create a great customer experience. Getting those routine questions answered automatically to free up their time to deal with customers more detailed questions."

"I pray anyhow that it will be in every aspect of my schedule and every aspect of meetings and all the notes taken in meetings and all the followup that can be executed from them, cutting meetings massively and making much more efficiency," says Christopher Schroeder, CEO-in-waiting, Advisor and Venture Investor and Author. "I can only hope that the robots are as kind to me as the executive assistants that I've been blessed to have over the last decade, but we'll see."

"The first thing that my office AI will take over is customer service," said Leila Janah, CEO of Sama Group, Co-Founder and CEO of Laxmi, and an award-winning social entrepreneur. "It's already taken over things like security, and probably some texting with customer service via bots. I think bots are impacting so many different businesses. I already have a bot that replies to most of my messages. We already have an auto-reply on Facebook to my company page, I'm sure it's going to take over more."

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